May 23, 2011

R4 There Is No DS Card Inserted – The Fix

One of our most commen technical support emails is the question of why the Nintendo DS or DSi does not work, or rather does not seem to recognize the r4 card or r4i sdhc card even though it is inserted into the game cart slot on the NDS.

IN fact, while this is a common question that requires a solution, it does NOT mean that your R4 Card is not working. When you see the message on your R4 that thei s no ds card inserted it simply means one of two things, and both of them are very easy to fix.

It has everything to do with the r4 ds card firmware. You see, much like anyhting else, the r4 card also needs to have firmware installed in order for it to be recognized by your Nintendo DS or Dsi. In the case of the R4i SDHC – it’s no different at all. You’ll still need firmware in order to have the DS recognize your r4 card.

Step 1:

Always make sure to download the right r4 card firmware. Whether it is the r4 Card ro the R4i SDHC make sure to go to our downloads page and download the right version.

Step 2:

Alway copy the whole extrated files / folders to the root of your microSD card. That means that you must take all of the files and folders from your download, and copy and paste them over to the microSD card.

Confused by how many R4 Cards there are? Worried about fakes and clones? Read on to understand what’s out there and why there are so many cards to explore.

While some of the cards we carry at our shop are known clones, they are well supported by professional teams of developers that are dedicated to updating their cards. A clone doesn’t always mean an unreliable card, but be wary. A bad fake can mean instability or infrequent updates, but to date the N5 is the only card known to damage the DS via a blow fuse.

As a disclaimer, sources are forum chatter and hearsay. This article is not a measure of card quality, but an explanation of their provenance. The list is not exhaustive, and unpopular and discontinued cards were not included. To get an idea of the breadth of clones produced

Initial developers got started as early as the Gameboy Advanced and kept it up with crude slot 2 (bottom GBA slot on the DS and DS Lite) flash cards for the original DS console. Acknowledgement should be given to those teams and discontinued slot 2 cards for laying the groundwork. Some of them are still at work today, including the Supercard team.

More advanced slot-1 cards came into development as Slot-2 cards fell out of disfavor, and the R4 Revolution card quickly rose to the top in popularity. Many manufacturers use the R4 name but have no affiliation to the original R4 team. There are four distinct manufacturers who produce an “R4″ card. The original R4 team is gone, then there are the makers of the first R4 SDHC, the people who make the R4i SDHC (red box) started with a clone of the DSTT and they also make the R4i Gold, the R4 Ultra team is less popular but still prevalent, and to add to the confusion, the M3 team developed their own R4i RTS.

Cards from other teams were in development at the time or soon after the R4DS. They are original cards in their own right and not clones of other cards; the DSTT, the EZFlash V, the Acekard, the Supercard DSONE, and the CycloDS Evolution. The Supercard team claims that the CycloDS card is a clone of theirs but this claim has not been substantiated. It is generally considered that the CycloDS is superior to the Supercard DSONE, and proved so valued (if expensive) that it spawned the immensely popular Edge card as a clone

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